Whirlpool Corporation Welcome

At EuroCucina 2018, Whirlpool Corporation, the world’s leading major home appliance company, will be showcasing product innovations, inspirational elements and latest designs from its four brands, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Hotpoint and Indesit. The Whirlpool stand will tell the story of how breakthroughs in design and technology will transform the food journey: From planning meals, to storing food, to cooking and cleaning – innovative appliances can transform every step towards simpler, more enjoyable dining and make exceptional food part of everyday life.

Whirlpool Corporation is excited about the new challenges and opportunities ahead in 2018. The company is preparing the ground for the growth of meaningful innovation, delivered through a winning portfolio of complementary brands which addresses the full spectrum of consumer segments.

“This year at EuroCucina Whirlpool will showcase its four pan-European brands KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Hotpoint and Indesit together in a single, inspiring space. Whirlpool invests over 4% of annual sales in research and development to continuously nurture innovation. – states Norbert Schmidt, Whirlpool EMEA Vice President, Market Operations, Products & Brands“As of today, consumers have reached a high level of awareness of the Connectivity world and they are more and more often looking for smart appliances that are easy to use and truly able to improve the standard of living. While in the 90s and early 2000s, the whole focus was on performance efficiency, we are now moving to a world of elevated efficiency through connectivity and smart technology”.

The Whirlpool Corporation stand at EuroCucina (A11-A15-B14-B18) is arranged as a living space of about 1,700m2 in which visitors can gain a real-world experience of products and their features, offering practical insight on how innovations such as connectivity can improve the way people interact with food. By letting consumers simplify household tasks, connected appliances can help take the stress out from daily life and take pleasure in other things.

The company will offer solutions that recognize the trend of consumers embracing more social, digitized lives, focusing on customer-centric design and technology that works in harmony with today’s lifestyle choices. One of such solutions is Whirlpool’s new oven featuring Google Assistant for voice control, that will be featured for the first time. Whirlpool will also be introducing increasingly user-friendly interfaces across each of its complementary brands, helping to make every step of the consumer’s personal food journey simpler and more pleasurable.

Our stand will also host #PlacesthatMatter, the new Whirlpool project which aims at telling the stories of our manufacturing sites in the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region, through the eyes of Whirlpool’s employees and local communities. These places matter and have stories to tell. In them, people’s lives meet with the wider social and industrial fabric, showing a continuous exchange of experiences, values and roots.

Moreover, each Whirlpool product reflects the company’s corporate responsibility and sustainability strategies. In 2014, Whirlpool set and reaffirmed four Global Sustainability Goals of energy intensity, water intensity, zero waste to landfill and material transparency. Whirlpool has met some of these targets ahead of schedule. Through both accelerated projects and acquisition synergies, the company exceeded the 15% energy and water intensity goals three years early. 2017 was a year of learning and transition for Whirlpool Corporation’s global Critical Materials Management (CMM) team, continuing down the path towards full material transparency on 90% of all new parts by 2020.


KitchenAid at Eurocucina 2018

KitchenAid will showcase its major kitchen appliances at EuroCucina. From classic suites to new statement pieces, these appliances are designed with professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design in mind. Chef-inspired features enable those who are Serious About Food to achieve professional results from the comfort of their own homes.

The KitchenAid line-up will include the new Sous Chef induction hobs. These boast a full bridge cooking zone with a cooking sensor and sous-chef function for the ultimate cooking experience. Finally, the improved 2018 multifunction oven range will also feature an integrated steam function, advanced 4-level cooking system and multipoint professional probes, opening up a world of culinary possibilities and fuelling real passion for fine food. Another highlight of the KitchenAid pavilion will be the Cooling Range, featuring a new XXL edition of the Combi refrigerator. This flagship appliance will offer superior performance of sensor technology, for a better preservation for your culinary masterpieces, combined with the greatest storage capacity within the KitchenAid built-in range.


Whirlpool W Collection Suite W11 at Eurocucina 2018

Whirlpool will be presenting new smart appliances as part of its premium W Collection range including built-in ovens, microwaves, cooktops and hoods. Also showcased at EuroCucina will be a 45cm dishwasher and the built-in SPACE400 fridge freezer. Covering the entire built-in kitchen suite beyond its flagship appliances, from ovens to microwaves and also the W Collection 4 Doors fridge freezer, all products offer Internet connectivity powered by the 6TH SENSE Live app. The different appliances are also able to seamlessly communicate among themselves. For example, the built-in hoods can connect with the cooktop to recognize its cooking mode and automatically tailor aspiration power to ensure fresh air, or provide customizable notifications of other appliances’ status.

Included in the W Collection, the new built-in ovens provide a compelling combination of elegance, flexibility and ease of use. Extending Whirlpool’s range of fridge freezers, the W Collection 4 Doors uses intelligent 6TH SENSE technology to help monitor and automatically optimize its performance to preserve food for longer in the most natural way. As well as providing remote control and monitoring, Whirlpool’s practical approach to connectivity unlocks new benefits such as discovering recipes, customizing one’s appliance for fast access to favorite settings and giving users tips and guidance on using features. The incredible convenience of Whirlpool’s connected appliances is also set to get even better through the addition of Google Assistant, which offers hands-free voice interaction. At EuroCucina, Whirlpool will demonstrate this capability with an advanced new oven.


Hotpoint 2019 Built-In Collection at Eurocucina 2018

At EuroCucina, Hotpoint will present its visionary Food Care Culture, showcasing innovations and appliances designed to enhance every dimension of our relationship with food: From smarter, connected appliances that make food storage and preparation more enjoyable and convenient, to a real bakery offering delicious fresh food as well as a commitment to take on the global food waste problem.

Hotpoint will be launching exciting new products in its 2019 Built-In Collection, a top of the range suite of coordinated kitchen appliances that offers a winning combination of flexible features, proven performance and authentic design. For smarter, more flexible everyday use, the new oven, microwave oven and compact combi steam oven will all feature Internet connectivity, enabling remote control with the Home Net App. At EuroCucina visitors will have a first glimpse at the new app which features an extra level of personalization and care that users can benefit from for every task they have to carry out – from preparing a recipe to setting the ideal dishwasher cycle for the kitchenware to be cleaned. A very special addition to the collection is Hotpoint’s range of versatile new steam ovens, which make cooking with steam incredibly accessible for a new world of culinary possibilities.

Hotpoint will also launch a 70cm built-in fridge freezer with an impressive 400lt. capacity and the Active Quattro, a new 90cm fridge freezer with high tech preservation features and flexible storage solutions like a multi-temperature compartment that allows for choosing between up to three different freezer temperatures to store every food type properly. Finally, for owners of smaller kitchens that have high expectations of performance, Hotpoint is introducing a new 45cm dishwasher that brings the high-performing 3D ZoneWash technology to a compact appliance.


Indesit Aria suite at Eurocucina 2018

At EuroCucina, Indesit will showcase Aria – its complete built-in suite of coordinated cooking appliances. The range includes a stylish built-in oven, microwave, induction and gas cooktops, and elegant hoods. A particular highlight of the Aria range is the oven, with the Turn&Cook feature that lets users cook over 80 everyday recipes with just a single turn of a dial. Similar breakthrough ease of use is offered by Indesit’s new 45cm dishwasher with Push&Go, that features direct access to the Push&Go cycle via a dedicated button.

For further information please visit Whirlpool Corporation at Eurocucina 2018.