news-manufacturing-2017As National Manufacturing Month begins, Whirlpool Corporation is celebrating its history and embracing progress in the manufacturing industry. Whirlpool Corporation is proud to be a Gold Supporter of Manufacturing Day 2017 and will be marking the day with a series of events in the local communities of its manufacturing plants across the country.

Whirlpool Corporation will invite select groups of high school and college students as well as community leaders to take part in a variety of activities at its U.S. plants. Programming will include: tours of the facilities, video presentations, and question-and-answer sessions. Whirlpool Corporation will also visit area schools, and employees will be involved with collaborative manufacturing-related class projects designed to educate students on the industry. Events are planned in the following cities: Amana, IA; Fall River, MA; Clyde, OH; Greenville, OH; Marion, OH; Ottawa, OH; Findlay, OH; Tulsa, OK; Cleveland, TN.

“Manufacturing is a tremendous career choice for young people entering today’s job market,” said Byron Green, Whirlpool Corporation Vice President of Manufacturing for North America. “We want to attract the very best and brightest talent in all industries, and the thing about manufacturing is – because it has such a wide array of opportunities – the career path is long, the opportunities are broad, and it’s something we want all students to consider: a career in manufacturing.”

In addition to its manufacturing facility events, Whirlpool Corporation is also providing a closer look at what the future of manufacturing looks like with a virtual tour. A new video from Whirlpool Corporation follows Green on a tour inside each of its U.S. facilities.

“Whirlpool is a leading manufacturer of appliances, and we are on the cutting edge of technology in our manufacturing space. From 3D printing, to high-order simulations, to digital design, augmented reality, collaborative robotics – we have those types of technologies within all of our factories, along with applying those technologies within our engineering spaces, product design, and manufacturing engineering,” said Green.

In today’s world, manufacturing remains an integral part of the American economy, and Whirlpool Corporation is an industry leader. As the industry observes and celebrates Manufacturing Day 2017, Whirlpool Corporation is proud to be a leading supporter, contributing to programming across the country that shines a light on the dynamic career opportunities and technological innovations propelling the industry forward.

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