Whirlpool Corporation unveils new kitchen concept for its Ariston brand

Continuing its commitment to simplifying lives through innovation, Whirlpool Corporation, the leading global home appliance manufacturer, has unveiled an all-new innovative kitchen concept for its Ariston brand. The unveiling took place at an exclusive event held in Bodrum, Turkey, which was attended by Ariston partners in the Middle East and Africa region.

The event theme was a celebration of cooking through a new experience of flavor in the Ariston kitchen with chefs Daniele Paralovo from Italy and Deema Hajjawi from Jordan who took guests on a sensational culinary tour using Ariston cooking products, during the breathtaking gala dinner organized at the event.

Whirlpool Corporation unveils new kitchen concept for its Ariston brand

As part of the event, three new hero products were unveiled – a cutting edge dishwasher, a gentle steam oven, and a Natis washer-dryer, geared to bring superior performance, impeccable results and personal preference in to your kitchen.

Ariston appliances offer innovative and engaging technology to enable consumers to care for what matters to them the most, while being certain of always achieving the desired end result.

The Ariston event was attended by prominent distributors, trade partners and esteemed media members from the Middle East and Africa region.

Mohammad El Yassir, Regional Managing Director, MEA, Whirlpool Corporation

Mohammad El Yassir, Regional Managing Director, MEA, Whirlpool Corporation

Commenting on the event, Mohammad El Yassir, Regional Managing Director, MEA, Whirlpool Corporation said, “The introduction of these new products to our kitchen appliances suite bears testimony to our abiding commitment to simplifying lives through technology and innovation. We continue to be one of the most active brands in the area of research and development, constantly enhancing functionality and ergonomics for our customers. Ariston has been a pioneer in such innovation and we are pleased to unveil our latest offerings together with our partners and distributors. We are looking forward to further expanding our regional footprint with the introduction of world-class appliances in the Middle East and Africa.”
The new range included the Ariston Dishwasher with 3D ZoneWash technology, a dynamic steam oven with dedicated algorithms in each food category, and a compact washer-dryer.


Wash all your family’s laundry, eliminating all stains and also saving time on ironing… now it’s possible, with the new Natis washer dryer. Designed with best Ariston washing technology, it guarantees not only perfectly clean garments, but also much easier ironing, since at the end of the cycle it softens them with a light puff of steam.
Direct Injection: A special system which pre-mixes water and detergent, obtaining washing power that is 60% more effective than a traditional wash and can remove over 100 types of stain at temperatures as low as 20°C.
Digital Motion: A technology which is perfect for removing stains and reducing creases even during the drying phase, thanks to 10 different kinds of drum movement designed to eliminate all kinds of dirt while respecting the fibers.
Eco Rain: The Eco Rain system permits significant reductions in water consumption, as much as 40% less than the Class A+++ energy efficiency standard. The water circuit takes in only the water needed to wash the load, thus reducing energy consumption and optimizing detergent concentration inside the drum.
Steam Care Technology: At the end of the drying phase, it releases a brief puff of steam to loosen the fibers and make your ironing easier, reducing the time needed by 25%.
Energy Class A – 10%: Working at low temperatures, the new Natis washer dryer achieves notable energy savings: 10% better than A-class energy efficiency.


Ariston presents the 60cm dishwasher range that optimising the cleaning performance in every situation, for impeccable results. It is possible to choose where and how to wash the dishes, based on the type of dirt and quantity of crockery: a targeted, efficient wash, to remove all food residues or save energy. Moreover, the dishwasher silently performs at every cleaning cycle, allowing to take care of dishes without disturbing. Impeccable cleaning performance thanks to evolved technologies:
3D Zone Wash: Selecting the basket and the cycle depending on type of dirt and the quantity of dishes, the 3D Zone Wash 3-dimensionally directs the powerful water jets into the selected washing zone, for a complete coverage and impeccable cleaning. You can choose both the intensity and one of the three baskets to use for your wash. In this way 3D Zone Wash will give 40% more cleaning power1 compared to a full load intensive cycle or, in case of a few dishes to be cleaned, it will give 40% more energy efficiency2compared to a full load normal cycle.
Inverter Motor: Thanks to its capacity to vary the spinning speed, the innovative Inverter Motor can properly calibrate water pressure and, therefore, cleaning force, in combination with an optimised electronic control at all times. The magnets allow a precise control of sprayers, directing the water with the right pressure, in the right spot and at the right time.
Silence: The Inverter Motor optimises sprays mechanical action, reducing vibrations and minimising noise at each cleaning cycle. This allows the new dishwasher range to reach a minimal noise level of 39 dB(A)3.
Active Oxygen: This exclusive technology, a Ariston’s international patent, releases active oxygen molecules that neutralise bad odours when dirty tableware is in the dishwasher.
Flexi Zone: The dishwasher allows maximum load flexibility with 13, 14 and 15 covers. Each configuration is equipped with mobile elements for an efficient arrangement of your dishes.


Perfect blend of steam and hot air, a multifunction oven, you will have more juicy and crispy results with the 3 special steam functions, keeping more nutrients compared to traditional cooking methods. Dedicated algorithms in each food category to get perfect cooking performances with steam. The 3 dedicated cooking algorithms perfectly module the combination of heating elements and fan action delivering optimal results for each food category:
Bread: Steam generation during cooking facilitates rising and delivers a perfect balance of volume and crispiness. Use this programme to give your baked goods a crunchier and more even crust, with a nice amber-colour.
Meat: The hot air usually absorbs the food’s natural moisture. With this programme, the steam prevents the drying process: roasts, roast beefs and poultry will come out incredibly juicy and golden brown.
Fish: The secret of tasty fish lies in its delicate pulp. This programme spares you from using lids or aluminium foil: steam cooking keeps the inside soft and the outside perfectly crunchy.