Home provides valuable insights for homebuilders and customers

Whirlpool Corporation, along with Purdue University, is currently transforming an existing home near the Purdue campus into a world class research laboratory and sustainable living showcase. Called ReNEWW (Retrofit Net-zero: Energy Water Waste) House, it’s providing valuable insights for homebuilder partners and customers on technologies that enable sustainable living. Whirlpool is leveraging this facility in collaboration with Purdue researchers to accelerate the development of the next generation of ultra-high efficiency appliances that increase core performance while  lowering their impact on the environment.

The WERLD (Whirlpool Engineering Rotational Leadership Development) Program is a premier training program that develops world-class engineering leaders through challenging assignments, global team projects, integrated training and development, and formal coaching and mentoring programs. WERLD engineers go through four 6-month rotations after which they pursue a technical Master’s degree at Purdue University. During that time, up to three WERLD engineers have the opportunity to participate in the ReNEWW House program by living in the house and leveraging the laboratory for their research.

During the first phase of the ReNEWW House retrofit, the kitchen was outfitted with KitchenAid and Whirlpool brand appliances. Both brands were interviewed as well as two of the WERLD engineers who were living in the house at the time. The first phase of ReNEWW House was a true team effort between WERLD engineers, both brands and our sustainability team.

Whirlpool is passionate about improving the quality of life for consumers while minimizing the impact on the environment. Through ReNEWW House the company is combining the power of innovation with our environmental commitment to create solutions that delight our consumers – today and tomorrow.