Whirlpool's Supreme Clean dishwashers

When you’re living an active and exciting life, there’s nothing better than discovering clever tricks to getting more out of your days. It’s all about living smarter – saving time on the ordinary and everyday so you can focus on the extraordinary and extra special! Now, those seeking out a smarter, chore-free lifestyle can rejoice thanks to Whirlpool’s new W Collection Supreme Clean dishwashers – the secret to effortlessly brilliant cleaning! The new premium range of freestanding and built-in dishwashers delivers brilliant performance without effort, thanks to ultra intuitive touch interfaces, Wi-Fi connectivity and even a smarter system for easy, stress-free loading and unloading, with brighter LED lighting and a Glass Protect system that cares for your most delicate items. Part of Whirlpool’s premium W Collection of innovative appliances, the Supreme Clean dishwasher range offers cleaning, drying and environmental performance in a convenient 1 hour cycle.

The new W Collection Supreme Clean dishwasher range takes the everyday chore of washing dishes and makes it a beautifully simple experience: Every interaction, from loading, to selecting the perfect program, to unloading has been made elegantly simple, for brilliant performance with minimum effort. This enhanced user experience is epitomized by MySmart Display on the front and touch buttons with an additional display on the top to select the cycle in a more convenient manner. The colorful display on front, which is featured on selected freestanding models, shows the cycle status of the dishwasher and takes the guesswork out of selecting the perfect cycle, with clear guidance and feedback throughout the washing process.

Whirlpool's Supreme Clean dishwashersStay connected with 6TH SENSE Live
This refreshingly enjoyable experience is taken into an excitingly futuristic direction by the Supreme Clean dishwasher’s advanced WI-FI connectivity. With the 6TH SENSE Live App you can use your smartphone or tablet to set, start and monitor your dishwasher with unprecedented simplicity – whether at home or from a remote location. Thanks to Whirlpool’s focus on delivering practical digital experiences that make everyday life easier, tasks such as selecting and optimizing the right cycle for a particular load or scheduling cycles to fit your agenda become faster and more fun. You can learn at a glance about your dishwasher’s features, performance, and consumption through on-screen tips, tutorials and troubleshooting guidance. You can also make your appliance truly your own by saving your favorite cycles for fast access and even create your own custom cycles tailored exactly to your needs.

Innovative technology for enhanced performance
As well as being easy to operate, W Collection Supreme Clean dishwashers work hard to make the hardest work look easy! They feature Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE technology, which ensures brilliant performance through powerful sensors that detect soiling levels and automatically optimize washing performance for perfect cleaning results. This also improves efficiency by ensuring minimal water and energy consumption.

This breakthrough performance is achieved by Whirlpool’s PowerClean Pro feature. This system of high-pressure spray nozzles on the rear of the dishwasher lets you position pots and pans vertically towards powerful jets that can take on even heavily soiled surfaces, so there’s no more need to prewash dishes. Supreme Clean dishwashers also offer faster, more effective drying performance through its unique PowerDry technology. Whirlpool’s superior closed loop system collects and condenses steam rather than venting it out of the dishwasher – preventing humidity damaging your precious kitchen furniture. The PowerDry function delivers superior performance with A+++ efficiency for spotless drying even on plastics. Thanks to PowerClean and PowerDry programmes, the Supreme Clean dishwasher can clean and fully dry a full load of dishes – no matter how tough the grease – in just 1 hour.

Whirlpool's Supreme Clean dishwashersBrighter, safer loading – even for delicate glassware!
Like all W Collection appliances, the new Supreme Clean dishwashers offer a smarter experience inside and out. The new models introduce Glass Protect, a new accessory for the lower rack designed to keep your glasses stable. It can be easily adapted to securely hold a wide range of glasses and can be entirely folded away when not needed to maximise space on the rack. For truly outstanding cleaning and drying, there is a special Glass Protect cycle that ensures gorgeous sparkling glassware.

And you’ll be able to appreciate the results far better: Supreme Clean dishwashers feature a new premium lighting system that uses four crisp, bright LED lights. This system improves visibility throughout the premium brushed metal interior and makes loading and unloading of the extracted baskets easier.

A design to impress
The new Supreme Clean dishwashers are part of Whirlpool’s new W Collection of premium appliances. Inspired by the way we live today, the new suite of beautifully coordinated appliances brings together Whirlpool’s leading edge design and the most advanced technology to offer effortless high performance and seamlessly harmonize with the smart connected homes of today and the future. Even before you get to enjoy its brilliant user experience and superior results, Supreme Clean dishwashers immediately impress through their exceptionally refined aesthetics and high quality modern designs that have been crafted to complement even the most stylish contemporary home.