Whirlpool has won a UK Water Efficiency Product Award at the recent Waterwise Awards 2017

Whirlpool wins UK Water Efficiency Product AwardThe Waterwise UK Water Efficiency Product Awards recognises products and technology that contribute to water efficiency that benefit the economy, society and environment. The esteemed, expert judges considered the extent to which the nominated appliance demonstrated noteworthy achievements such as water savings and changes to water-related attitudes and behaviours.

The Whirlpool WIO 3T123 6PE Supreme Clean dishwasher has won the valued accolade thanks to its outstanding resource consumption. The low water consumption, of just six litres, is achieved by saving the water from the final rinse in a dedicated tank, where it is stored and recycled for use at the beginning of the next programme. For hygiene purposes, and should the dishwasher not be used for three days, such as when you go on holiday, the water is automatically drained to prevent bacteria formation.

Mark Ridealgh - WaterWise Awards

Mark Ridealgh, head of Whirlpool Brand UK, receiving the UK Water Efficiency Product Award at the Waterwise Awards 2017

Further excellent and sustainable resource savings are achieved by Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE® technology. The intelligent sensors, which form the basis of Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE®, measure the level of soiling and then adjust the wash programme accordingly, so each wash cycle is tailored to the type and size of the load, ensuring perfect results everytime. The Whirlpool 6TH SENSE® dishwasher washes as resource efficiently as possible, while caring for the environment, with the benefit of up to 50 per cent savings on water, energy and time.

Mark Ridealgh, head of Whirlpool Brand UK, says: “Whirlpool invests heavily in technology that is intuitive, makes life easier, and saves resources. We are thrilled to receive this award as it certifies Whirlpool’s efforts in developing technology that reduces resource consumption.”

Nicci Russell, Managing Director, Waterwise says: “Congratulations to Whirlpool for sweeping the board in Kitchen/White Goods Category. Whirlpool’s award-winning washing machines and dishwashers will make it easier for its customers to waste less water. This is really important – we need to make the water we do have go further, as the population grows and climate change bites.”