Whirlpool wins Web Marketing Festival award

We are proud to announce that Whirlpool EMEA has won the Web Marketing Festival award in the category “Digital Food” for its Moments not to be Wasted, the edutainment program within primary schools in Europe aiming to raise awareness on the social and environmental value of food and the importance of not wasting it.

With 12.000 attendees, 30+ training rooms, Web Marketing Festival represents the most comprehensive event about digital innovation in Italy.

“The fight against food waste is a topic we all care about at Whirlpool and is part of our brands and products strategy, but also is a core of innovation and technology development at the service of sustainability. These are the basis on which we have built our corporate responsibility model, whose most significant expression is Moments not to be Wasted, the edutainment project involving primary schools in Europe through which we want to promote social and environmental value of food with the teachers, pupils and their families,” commented Alessandro Magnoni, Senior Director Communication and Government Relations. “Together we are actors in the education of today’s children, tomorrow’s adults. We are thrilled for this recognition, which encourages us to continue this important journey with our stakeholders. “

Web Marketing Festival Awards form an essential part of the festival’s 3-day program. Every year, awards are given to personalities, companies or institutions that, during the year, have distinguished through innovative and original digital campaigns, capable of giving a relevant contribution to society.