Whirlpool Fresh Care+ washer dryer

Life is for living and no one wants to hit pause to care for the laundry. With Whirlpool’s beautiful new FreshCare+ washer dryer, you can spend your time the way you want, thanks to a unique system that keeps your laundry soft and fresh for up to 6 hours after the cycle has completed. Its innovative FreshCare+ system uses gentle effective steaming and tumbling actions to prevent the formation of creases and odor, so you no longer need to worry about leaving the laundry inside the washer dryer at the end of a washing or drying cycle. And with intelligent 6TH SENSE and SoftMove system, which adapts the drum movement to each fabric type, it even takes the guesswork out of caring for any type of fabric, so you can devote your time and energy to the things that matter most.

Featuring Whirlpool’s innovative 6TH SENSE technology and powered by a highly efficient, super silent SenseInverter motor, the new FreshCare+ washer dryer makes caring for fabrics intuitive and uncomplicated.

Take your time… there’s no rush to unload your laundry!
Unlike a conventional washer dryer, Whirlpool’s new FreshCare+ appliances ensure that you don’t need to rush to unload your laundry immediately – or stress about leaving a cycle running when you’re out of the house. This is because the unique FreshCare+ system proactively prevents the creases and odors that build up when clothes are left in the drum , keeping them soft and fresh for up to six hours after the end of either a washing or drying cycle.

After a washing cycle, the FreshCare+ cycle continues to gently massage the laundry for up to six hours with regular slow tumbling movements alternated with regular jets of steam, which inhibits the proliferation of sources of odor such as bacteria and reduces allergens. At the end of drying cycles, the machine performs a dedicated tumbling action for up to six hours to avoid the formation of creases on garments.

As a result, you can relax and leave the laundry until it’s convenient. For total flexibility, FreshCare+ can either be activated when setting a cycle or at any time throughout the washing or drying cycle and you can also stop it when you like .

6TH SENSE technology – The intelligence behind outstanding washing results
6TH SENSE technology automatically detects the amount of laundry and according to the fabric type chooses the best setting guaranteeing optimal performance, as well as saving time, energy and water.

Once the user selects the desired programme, the washer dryer uses advanced sensors to monitor water level, motor torque and temperature. For each programme phase (washing and drying), several algorithms detect and define the best settings according to load type and laundry size. This ensures perfect washing and even drying, along with unbeatable efficiency in terms of time, energy and water saving.

SoftMove – Dedicated treatments for all fabric types
During the washing and drying cycles, the new SoftMove System performs an exclusive set of specific movements that can adapt to every type of fabric, with six tailored drum movements to ensure outstanding cleaning performance.

Thanks to the action of the advanced SenseInverter motor, the SoftMove system selects appropriate combinations of these movement types and the duration of each washing phase – precisely adjusting everything from the initial water intake until the final spinning. SoftMove system is also available on several drying programmesiii, preserving fabrics, colors and shapes of clothing.

Perfectly clean with only 15°C instead of 40°C
Perfectly clean garments and bright colors are on top of everyone’s list of priorities and thanks to the new washer dryer’s Color 15° cycle you can have both at the same time. Even at 15°C, it guarantees the same performance as a 40°C washing programme – all thanks to the SoftMove system. This moves clothes loosely within the drum to better absorb detergent, resulting in a more effective wash even at the lowest temperature, with colors that last longer.

Dry Only option
The Dry Only option allows you to dry wet laundry without having to run the wash cycle first. This option offers brilliant flexibility for those occasional times you wash by hand.

An advanced motor for lasting high performance
At the heart of every FreshCare+ washer dryer is the SenseInverter brushless motor. This long-lasting, extremely quiet and advanced electrical motor offers brilliant reliability and superb energy efficiency to deliver energy savings during both washing and drying.

High-end design for everyday pleasure
The washer dryer is a new addition to Whirlpool’s FreshCare+ range. Comprising washing machines, washer dryers and dryers, they offer outstanding performance, advanced features and eye-catching modern aesthetics. With coordinated designs, they can be seamlessly combined as a suite. A closer look reveals intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces with large and multi-functional displays that simplify every interaction. Even loading and unloading is made more pleasurable, thanks to large porthole-style doors with integrated ergonomic handles.

The new FreshCare+ washer dryer will be available from March 2018.