Photo by Mike Simons / Tulsa World

Paul Rushing is the first to admit Whirlpool’s north Tulsa factory floor bears little resemblance to the factory his father worked at 40 years ago.

The plant lead for more than three years, Rushing grew up in the manufacturing industry with his father working as a maintenance manager at a plant during his childhood.

Along with advances in technology, Rushing said some basic tweaks over his 22 years in manufacturing have substantially changed the industry to make it more conducive as a long-term career option.

“It’s evolving,” he said. “It’s not the same plant my dad worked in 40 years ago. There’s a huge difference. It’s bright, it’s air-conditioned and it’s a pretty viable place for employment.

“You’re going to be working with a team and not doing the same job 1,500 times in a single 10-hour shift.”

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