Rick TurnerRicky Turner, director of diversity and inclusion, wants to help change the culture at Whirlpool Corporation. “This role allows me to give a voice to those who lack the power to express an opinion within our organization…the voiceless community,” said Turner.

Turner has been with Whirlpool Corporation for the past four years, serving in various roles, including employee engagement and experience. It was only recently that senior leadership decided to have him focus solely on the area of diversity and inclusion, to help bring an elevated focus and visibility to the diversity and inclusion space.

“For success, diversity and inclusion ideals must be embedded into all areas of our infrastructure that transform into core business principles,” Turner stated. “Diversity and Inclusion must become part of our DNA.”

“An inclusive workplace that understands the needs of their employees, making them feel valued and respected, will have a significant and positive impact on the environment,” said Turner. “You cannot be silent about the issues surrounding diversity. Employees must drive the creation of a workplace that embraces the uniqueness of everyone.”

Ricky understands that he has the opportunity to make an impact, and his underlying goal is that everyone will be able to bring their authentic selves to a workplace where diversity and inclusion becomes an integral part of the culture. “We can and we must do this — together,” said Turner.