Purposeful Innovation

Building unmatched customer loyalty through our distinctive brands

Whirlpool Corporation offers the strongest portfolio of brands in the home appliance industry — due, in large part, to our deep consumer insights. From design to innovation to features to performance, each brand has its own unique personality. And each lives up to its specific purpose, with a wide range of solutions that not only satisfy, but delight and bring out the very best. We provide a consistent and superior experience that engages consumers at every step along the path of welcoming our products into their homes ... whether we’re using the latest in technology to enhance the in-store experience of shoppers in Brazil or collaborating with cooks worldwide to fuel their culinary passions through our refreshed KitchenAid brand outreach. That’s why we’ve earned the trust of so many people around the globe. Because we find ways to make life a little easier so they can focus on the things most important to them.

Whirlpool Corporation is deeply committed to providing the most compelling home solutions the industry has to offer. That’s why, in 2014, we are making the most significant brand investment in our company’s 102 years. As we expand our insights-driven brand strategies and accelerate new product introductions, we will create more distance between ourselves and the competition as well as more value for our shareholders and consumers. Our greatest accomplishments are yet to come.