Whirlpool Amana Manufacturing

Whirlpool Corporation’s third shift “Fun Committee” at its Amana, Iowa plant decided to help out during the Covid-19 crisis by organizing a food drive for the Linn Community Food Bank. The food they collected supported the nearby Cedar Rapids, Iowa community.

“The Linn Community Food Bank is located in an area where a high percentage of the Amana workforce lives,” said Jill Yount, a Whirlpool employee who helped coordinate the donation.

“The Fun Committee on third shift chose to donate non-perishable food that we collected to this organization because it’s been serving the Cedar Rapids area for over 40 years, and it supports families who need help—especially during this critical time when kids are kept at home with their family and not attending school. This change is surely impacting family meal budgets and we want to help them, and anyone else, who is in need.”

The Linn Community Food Bank is an all-volunteer organization, led by an all-volunteer working Board of Directors, and supported entirely by donations. It donates three-day emergency supplies of food to families in need.