The Story of Maggie Hammaker

Whirlpool Corporation has many employees across the globe who have chosen to make manufacturing a long-term career. Maggie Hammaker is one of those individuals. Starting out at age 19 on the assembly line in Greenville, Ohio at the KitchenAid plant, she was a motor builder for the classic stand mixer. From there, she eventually worked her way up to a position overseeing all of the classic stand mixer assembly lines—eight of them in all—by the age of 29.

She credits her success not only to hard work and perseverance, but to the mentorship and leadership she’s had access to, as well as the educational opportunities made available through Whirlpool Corporation’s tuition reimbursement program, and the experience she’s been given through her work in multiple roles at the plant over the course of the last 10 years.

You can see and experience her entire story in this “Day in the Life” video, produced to celebrate Manufacturing Day 2019.