Whirlpool Chore Club #ChoreClub

Whirlpool brand offers parents helpful ideas for all ages

Whirlpool Chore Club MobileWith millions of kids home right now, there’s no better time for children everywhere to learn the life skills that have proven benefits well into adulthood. That’s why Whirlpool brand is helping parents make the chores of cooking, cleaning, and washing part of their children’s new stay-at-home learning routine. 

Introducing #ChoreClub. 

ChoreClub gives busy caregivers helpful, creative content that makes it easy to incorporate age-appropriate chores into their kids’ learn-at-home routines. From simple lunches to helping with laundry and putting away the dishes – Whirlpool has ideas for your children ages 2 through 11. Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest for lessons that can help drive success later in life and give children the stability they crave through the simple and caring act of doing chores.