Home Cooking with “Love” and Habitat for Humanity

Chef Ro cooks with flavor, spice and love, without breaking the budget

Chef “Ro” Roshara Sanders serves as celebrity ambassador for Habitat for Humanity International, working with Habitat partner Whirlpool Corporation. Winner of Food Network “Chopped”, Forbes Fellow recipient at the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, featured chef at the 2019 South by Southwest Festival, Chef Ro grew up in a Habitat home, and now inspires homeowners to cook delicious, healthy meals. Her passion for cooking grew while serving with the U.S. 395th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion and she cross trained as a food supply specialist. “I was passionate about cooking,” If it weren’t for the GI Bill I wouldn’t have gone to the Culinary Institute of America or any college for that matter. It was a blessing and it made my dream a reality.”

Chef Ro’s 4th of July Recipes

Bourbon Moscow Mule BBQ Beef Ribs

Chef Roshara Sanders BBQ Ribs

American Summer Potato Salad

Chef Roshara Sanders Potato Salad

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary with Habitat for Humanity

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Chef Ro (a decorated Army veteran) discusses her journey to become a professional chef and how cooking helps to heal her PTSD.

Army veteran and professional chef Roshara Sanders demonstrates how to make one of her signature dishes, “Salute the Soup,” in honor of Veteran’s Day

Jeff Noel, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs at the 2019 Habitat for Humanity Global Conference

Red Velvet Whoopie Cookies Step-by-Step Recipe for Valentine’s Day

Holiday Recipes

Even though I was raised by a single mother and the only child; my mother would be sure to make me feel super special around the holidays. My favorite thing to do was watch my mother cook the entire thanksgiving and Christmas dinner all by herself. These recipes are passed down from my Grandfather to my mother and I was lucky enough to now be cooking them. Cooking is all about expressing love through food. When you gather as a family and cook for the people you love it is a feeling of pure bliss and joy! I hope that my grandfathers recipes can create that for other families during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Chef Ro’s Labor Day Recipes

Nacho Average Nachos

A Labor Day Tradition

There is a certain truth that some professions don’t take days off on America’s treasured Labor Day holiday. Some jobs are specifically designed to serve the people. For me, one of these is the Army and the other is the kitchen.

The relationship between the discipline of the army and the culinary scene are heavily aligned. There is a dedication to serving no matter the day or time. While you enjoy Labor Day this year, I’d like to share with you a recipe with love from my kitchen to yours.

Growing up, nachos have always been my favorite snack! Every Sunday during NFL season my mother and I would watch the game on television and snack on nachos with cheese sauce. With fall ahead it seems like the right dish for Labor Day sharing.

I truly believe that nachos are a blank canvas to create and experiment with delicious proteins, vegetables, cheeses, and sauces. I merged my love for this original dish and elevated it using wontons in lieu of chips. Wontons have always given me the best sensation when it comes to the perfect crunch. So in honor of Labor Day, I added BBQ chicken, cheese and a variety of toppings! I hope you’ll join me in the fun on your day off.

Chef Roshara Sanders