Pledge Commitment Met.

For our U.S. employees, we have positioned Juneteenth as a day of impact, intended for volunteerism in service of our community and in recognition of the holiday.

In ongoing conversations with Benton Harbor city officials & residents, participants identified that one of the best ways Whirlpool could positively impact the community and support the city’s plan was by revitalizing the city’s parks.

“City Parks and green spaces are crucial to the health, wellness and feeling of community for our city residents, especially our youth, and are an important step in continuing to beautify Benton Harbor,” said Ellis Mitchell, city manager, Benton Harbor.

In 2022 and 2023, Whirlpool employees gathered at local parks – Union Park in 2022 and Broadway Park (now renamed June Woods Park) in 2023 – to clean up trash, repair playgrounds, and much more. These two parks are now spaces where the city can host events & sports tournaments in addition to the residents’ daily use.

Collage image of volunteers cleaning up the park

More information about these initiatives can be found on this site (2022, 2023)