Whirlpool EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) has been awarded for a third year in a row, as Top Employer Europe, by Top Employer Institute, in six countries Italy, France, Poland, UK and Germany.

The “Top Employer” certification, which is granted only to companies achieving the highest quality standards in human resources management, recognizes Whirlpool’s commitment to shape strategic and thoughtful workplace programs. The reward is related to the effort in creating a working environment capable of empowering and strengthening the employees’ skills, implementing innovative HR practices and tools and creating a workplace that allows people to perform at their best and thrive together every day.

“It’s our people at all levels that drive the success of our organization everyday and make us a Top Employer – commented Farhaj Majeed – Vice President Human Resources Whirlpool EMEA – it’s a pride today, for our organization to be recognized as a Top Employer in Europe for a 3rd consecutive year in row. I’m thrilled for our teams across the locations that keep implementing innovative people practices and tools, designing high-standard programs and creating an agile workplace that allows our people to bring out their best. I’m proud, especially in such an intense year, to have led the implementation of large scale people practices with and for our people”.

Among the most significant achievements, Whirlpool EMEA is completing the large-scale HR transformation empowering People Leaders to embody the high-standard people excellence practices, in real time and in highly digitalized environment. This initiative will bring tangible results for Whirlpool employees’  experience, involving 1,200 People Leaders across 35 countries and standardizing all the HR processes for our teams.

Further, Whirlpool continues to invest in people, and values the talents each person brings to the table. In this regard, early last year, Whirlpool introduced an internal recruitment portal “My.WhirlpoolCareer” specifically designed to promote the career progression in the internal job market. Agile working, digitalized and flexible workplaces, internal careers and “self-driven” learning, that offers more than 250 avaliable trainings, make people’s growth at Whirlpool more engaging and easier than ever before.

In addition to the effort of fostering a positive environment, The Top Employer certification has also awarded Whirlpool for its workplace culture founded on values such as Inclusion and Diversity. Inclusion is among the most important values for Whirlpool both internally – 41% of the employees working in the EMEA Headquarters in Milan represents different nationalities – and externally, given Whirlpool’ effort to ensure that its products meet the needs of the different people for which they are designed. In addition to this women’s empowerment also has a strategic role in Whirlpool embodied by the EMPOWER women’s leadership development program whose aim is supporting women in fulfilling their full potential.